De todo un poco …

As a young girl loving dance and performance, I danced through much of my free time back then with my Sony Walkman or the jukebox style stereo I had in my room with a disco ball listening to songs mi mama thought to be inappropriate and, in retrospect, the lyrics were so loving and uplifting in comparison to some of what our current generation is exposed to, but I am not going there today. Like many other girls, I had an aspiration to dance and move my body healthily, representing a message of some compelling music.

While enrolled in classical ballet, I imagined combining salsa, mambo y rumba with my plies and tandus, however that was not what I was there for.  I was there to learn a technique and I loved to go every Sunday like clockwork.  My teacher was beautiful and I admired her grace, strength, and dedication.



Fruits of Love…

There is something about produce that makes my heart sing, my soul fill, and my smile beam.  It is often the case that when I go to my favorite farmers market, local grocer or farm stand, I become enamored by, yes, produce! Often, the idea of getting there early to see the variety of apples and greens is therapeutic, soothing, and peaceful. Roaming the aisles brings on a sense of freedom that feeds creativity, encouragement, and love. Sharp senses are stimulated by the variety of colors, smells, and textures.  Many times, my family wonders about my ritual to mindfully wash and arrange fruit in different bowls and such in our home.  I cannot explain it completely, but the healing effects are emotive, and that is the beauty of it. More

Effortless Inspiration

It is amazing to me how we tend to miss a moment of inspiration.  One of the beauties of practicing yoga is the power of presence.  Practicing present day action is a gift for yogis of all traditions.  Nonetheless, in a moment of despair, anguish or disappointment we tend to sink.  If we are fortunate, someone who may mention a simple phrase surrounds us.  That person may be someone we see everyday, but more than likely it could be an acquaintance you see while running errands, taking care of your business or on the spur:  your librarian, your barista, your mechanic, the bus driver, an elderly person sitting on a bench or the musician playing in the square. More

Espresso Love

So yes, I must admit, my love of yoga is supplemented by my love of espresso.  There is no question that I could ever live without either.  I tried for a while not to drink mi cortadito (espresso with raw sugar, micro foam) or mi cafe con leche, (espresso with milk) but it just was not me.  So I chose to live authentically.  This is what I love, so why resist? Besides, Cuban girl does yoga, and the stereotype of this is hysterical within the confines of my own family.  Ommming all the way home. More

Hola Yoga!!!!

Hola Yoga has been created as a vehicle to promote individual practice and encourage students that no matter where you are from, what you consider yourself to be, what shape your body is, or if you are simply hesitant in giving yoga practice consideration, please know that yoga is accessible to all of us if we allow it.

Yoga traditions are varied, but the bottom line is that we find the time to look within in our hectic lives and reflect as we let go of the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions.  Yes, the physical practice is phenomenal whether you practice one asana (pose) or numerous, but the connection within benefits us all on a cellular level.

I say this because of continued stereotypes that will exist through infinity and beyond. This applies to the physical practice because feeling like you need to compromise your physical self in order to practice is silly.  By definition, yoga means union with self.  In other words it is time we say Hello or Hola to ourselves and take a good look internally, conditionally work from the inside out.

If each of us began to spend time getting to know ourselves, the universe would propel forward in a radiant fashion.  That being said, Hola Yoga as a lifestyle is welcoming, accessible, supportive and loving.

Begin your practice when you are ready with someone you like or maybe someone you do not and give it some time and then notice how you might apply the principle of this ancient tradition in areas of your life, then feel, acknowledge and process. Your practice is a gift, open it!