Espresso Love

So yes, I must admit, my love of yoga is supplemented by my love of espresso.  There is no question that I could ever live without either.  I tried for a while not to drink mi cortadito (espresso with raw sugar, micro foam) or mi cafe con leche, (espresso with milk) but it just was not me.  So I chose to live authentically.  This is what I love, so why resist? Besides, Cuban girl does yoga, and the stereotype of this is hysterical within the confines of my own family.  Ommming all the way home.

Being the daughter of Cuban immigrants defines a huge part of my existence.  I truly connect with la Perla de las Antillas, but have yet to visit.  There is something for me about cafes, bakeries and the feeling of home; somehow it is a connection made long ago which has now led me to teaching at the lovely L’Aroma Cafe. They specialize in teas and coffees along with their own line of  baked goods including a delicious super cookie, not to mention all the good karma.  This being said, I come from a huge path of resistance, which is why I refuse to give up my espresso love.

Resistance runs deep in each of us, and the beauty of yoga is learning what holds you back and moving beyond it or away from it in order to discover a greater journey than the one you may feel stunted by.  All of us must learn to move away from one habit or an other if it is restraining us or if we want a change.  This, however, does not necessarily mean that espresso is a bad thing if you are a yogi and by no means does this mean that I encourage you to choose when you practice because your lifestyle is exactly that – yours.  What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  It is about being true to self and being ok with what is, or change if that is what your heart is telling you to do.

This week’s news about the loss of  tech visionary, Steve Jobs, remains true to many of our hearts and his message about being and doing what you love is a stronghold for me, because if you go about life in this manner, then there is only space for much joy.  Yes, there will be days that challenge us, and people that test us, but my response to myself is, “How about some time on my mat and an espresso as part of my day,” in that order.  However, I highly reccomend refraining from espresso before your practice, but that is a story within itself for a future blog post.

Yoga, espresso, love and kindness are my mode of operation.  I hope you will find whatever works for you, mix in a little yoga and just be.


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