Effortless Inspiration

It is amazing to me how we tend to miss a moment of inspiration.  One of the beauties of practicing yoga is the power of presence.  Practicing present day action is a gift for yogis of all traditions.  Nonetheless, in a moment of despair, anguish or disappointment we tend to sink.  If we are fortunate, someone who may mention a simple phrase surrounds us.  That person may be someone we see everyday, but more than likely it could be an acquaintance you see while running errands, taking care of your business or on the spur:  your librarian, your barista, your mechanic, the bus driver, an elderly person sitting on a bench or the musician playing in the square.

What is always impressionable to me is that the words of inspiration can be so simple. If you are connected and aware, the impact can propel tremendous change.  A few words like “execution not perfection”, “stay above it, don’t let them bring you down the hole” (lol), “heart you” or simply “stay healthy, keep working and smile” are all words that have led me to create a shift in my life.  I think of these beautiful people in my life and feel forever grateful of their candid take and the simplicity of what was communicated to  feel inspired and allow the action of letting go.

The gift is that when you realize what inspired you, the simple phrase makes you feel alive, transcended and as though you may accomplish anything.   For many of us these words can also come in the form of a song, quote or a good read. The power of words is a vehicle for change, and at times, that may mean refraining from saying anything while listening, absorbing and processing.  We can also explore the negative aspect of people drawing you into a less than comfortable zone, and we all know what that feels like.  It is like experiencing an avalanche each time we speak to an individual who plainly reverses everything to the dark side.  I understand the need to occasionally express this attitude, and if it is a genuine consideration, okay, but is it really necessary to use  unnecessary roughness in order to make a point?   Think about this in your own life. I encourage you to just give your best energy whenever possible because you never know how your words will affect someone, a stranger, a family member, an associate or your children.   In essence, you never know where people are at in their journey of life and  you have the power to make or break their day, maybe even inspire them.

Sending healing love, compassion and joy all over.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alex
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 22:26:31

    Beautiful…thanks for sharing. Sending you love and light. Besos


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