Play that Record

Do you have a song in your life that, no matter how many times you play it, you never get tired of listening to it? It is such a gift to be stimulated by the chemistry of music. Music is forever powerful in our lives if we allow it. As an endless lover of Motown artists, I am often listening to old records, which I might add, were a part of my collection since my record player was well used most days. Nowadays, they can be found on my iPod, because the only thing we can count on is change.

I was unquestionably drawn to the songs expressing emotions, thought, connection, and love.  Some of my favorite songs were written by the lead member of the CommodoresLionel Richie, an amazing and gifted composer, singer, songwriter, musician.

The Commodores  had numerous hits and Lionel Richie continued on his own and produced single after single that sent many of us into heartfelt sensation. Among them, you will recall Truly, Still, My Love, Hello, Ballerina Girl and more recently, I Call it Love, captures my attention. But among my favorite songs from the late seventies is Easy, and the instrumental portion of the hit commanded by a guitar. The harmony amongst these beautiful ballads reaches anyone who connects to feelings, living, and loving.

These times were filled with Calvin Klein, Jordache, and Sergio Valente jeans when the cool stitching on pockets were the focus.  We outgrew some of these classics of the time but the music held us, carried us, maybe even moved us in those cafeteria dances where we would stand at opposite sides of the gym, glancing, smiling and walking over to actually ask someone to dance to the next slow jam without a phone in hand to facilitate connection.

We can hold on to a piece of our past so long as it empowers us. What we do not want is to hang on to the parts that debilitate us or enrage us. Yoga teaches us that being present is of utmost value, but there are times when we will revisit the past whether joyful or painful. The practice of union with self gives us the ability to revisit and then let go, or take what we need and leave the rest behind.

The balance that music of past and present brings to my existence is one of inspiration, willingness, gratitude, and divinity. As music in your life gives you freedom and taps into a piece of you that may remain a mystery, your yoga will also help you realize a part of yourself that is yet to be discovered. Connect to self, define yourself, on your mat, or with your favorite songs. It’s Easy … like Sunday morning.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PragmaticMom
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 11:16:59

    You should do a Mo-Town 70s yoga music class! That would be fun!


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