Non-Verbal Communication

The age of technology makes non-verbal communication a breeze; after all, what will replace texting?  but I am talking about the feeling of connection without words.  This past summer I was on voice rest for what seemed like forever. The eventual use of my vocal cords after having a minor procedure brought me some resolution when I actually did speak once more but also made me appreciate non-verbal communication.

The period of silence brought with it many challenges in family life however, the enjoyment of truly being able to reflect in silence was a gift for me.  I am not hard to fall into dialogue with and in essence the task would not be as easy for the entire time and yes, I had a few OOPS moments.  The concept of keeping my opinions to myself was a true test of discipline.

This time of silence confirmed for me what my heart already knew, the importance of non-verbal communication in our lives is instrumental in keeping us content within relationships.  If non-verbal interaction was acknowledged as necessary in relationships then break ups might be less common.  The gift of friendships often brings the pleasure of understanding this concept without much else; you see, at times, the visual component of a look or a sigh might communicate everything that words cannot. Receiving wordless communication can be extremely powerful, especially when you feel disempowered.

Dancing is amongst the most potent and significant demonstrations of non- verbal communication on a physical level.  A dance may communicate emotive messages of simplicity or poignancy.  Dance relays social messages to us that can be validated clearly by the expression of performance which, more than not, is preferred.

Hugs are the other undeniable favorite form of non-verbal exchange. Hugs, which can identify, love, friendship and/or affection are a great way to connect and comfort without the need for dialogue.  Depending on the intensity of the hug one might have an energetic exchange, which will eminently radiate within each person if they are connected, if the hug is shared in a more salutatory fashion then it determines a greeting or consolation.

In yoga practice, the nonverbal communication is shared within you.  The asana practice conveys what your physical body may be experiencing; here is when we have the opportunity to listen.  The spiritual practice of yoga speaks volumes to reach you on a deeper level of self and in the realm of meditation we are wide open to experience the benefit of non-verbal communication as an ultimate skill.

Take some time on your mat, on your journey and identify for yourself those moments of non-verbal communication that bring relevance to your life.


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