Feeling at Home

My idea of home is a feeling for the most part. How I feel in my skin, even in the most uncomfortable situations, is what weighs in as priority in daily living.  Knowing that the reality of not having another day like the one we are living currently allows us to dream or maybe even truly appreciate the present.  Spending time with an individual that has somehow understood your essence may be the last moment of its kind and in expressing this sentiment, you remind yourself of the precious life before you.

Everyone does not share this ideal, in fact when looking around at times, I feel disheartened at what we believe home is: the toys, the artifacts, the electronics, the stuff and every other thing that we may utilize to shield our humanness. I like some toys and electronics myself, but what I genuinely adore is connection, alignment, togetherness, and love.  This time of the year is difficult for many families and individuals that go without basic needs to support their lives.  It is difficult because at times those surrounded with abundance fail to notice the responsibility of remembering their human kindness when a simple act of acknowledgement will brighten another person’s spirit.

We never know if we will see the person we love again, because there are no guarantees. Hence, I encourage you to tell them you love them, and to treat the moment like it will never happen again, so that you may welcome that internal joy of receiving. One of my favorite sayings that I grew up listening to (yes, I was listening) is, “Cada persona es un mundo”, translated to English this means each person resides in their own world … mas o menos.  This being the case, people deserve what they deliver into the world because the universe will always return the favor and that may not always be pleasant, but we are all here living on this planet as one world — some of us are connected while others find no bond to the secure foundation of self.

In yoga, we come together at times to practice in one space, and come together in community to be alone. Funny, huh?  We are each students of our own practice. Over time we take guidance from teachers, mentors and other yogis, but the most important part is what we share getting on the mat and reflecting upon that. Truly our yoga practice is our time for self-care because sometimes it really is the only time we can give to ourselves in our overscheduled lives.

Showing gratitude for your practice or for your loved ones allows you the ability see yourself and your greatest strengths or weaknesses and notice that you may be able to change them. Remember that when you resist this simple thought: you may never have the opportunity again.  So unlock the key to your heart and love someone, maybe tell someone how much you love them, let them know like you will never see them again, because this moment is all we have and the only thing that matters at the end of the day is feeling the love. En fin, love is the feeling of being home.

Love, joy and kindness all over — celebrate the love!


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