Everyday New

New year of resolutions, beginnings, changes; it is all good.   I am an advocate on changing things that do not fit, do not work, are not growing, and are not compatible and so on.  A pair of jeans or shoes that you shimmy into but make you feel less than fabulous must go; the iron or toaster that that does not heat up must be recycled or replaced.  A garden filled with weeds must be tilled so that blossoms will appear.  An automobile that does not switch gears with ease may not to be worth a new clutch.  And a friend or mate that takes the life force out of you needs to be reassessed or possibly removed. Seems easy enough right? Well why does change seem to come with resistance for so many of us?

It is so interesting to be one to promote change and shift when there are some very sacred and special rituals that I demand as part of my existence. Changing or making shift need not be a drastic alteration in every instance, but knowing what parts of tradition and consistency work while blending in the modification or variation are modes to transformation and quite achievable.

The notion of the annual rush to nowhere during this 12th month of our calendar year is quite entertaining if you are able to observe certain parts of the day.  People are motivated in a way where they act hastily thinking that they have just enough time until the end of the year to finish, to buy, and to do.  How about just being?  Enjoyment is sometimes surpassed for that folly of scuttle to get things done in order to set up the latest resolution or better yet repeat an annual.  I am not opposed; I just do not sense the same angst and feel that each day is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Many of us allow so many obstacles in that stop us from living or experiencing the fresh aspect of life, whether that means starting a new exercise program, improving your food choices, saving money, quit smoking, refocusing your attention on your career, registering for a class, taking time for loved ones, planning a trip, singing your favorite song, maybe taking a ride to the beach in the middle of the day or just considering that one small change could make a huge impact on your being.

As a free spirit, I am also responsible and believe in discipline, structure and consistency with my family, my friends and my work, but I believe each of us must take a moment or a day to reflect every once in a while in order for the concept of starting anew, or beginning again to actually sink in.  The reflection allows for us to believe in love again, believe in self again, and believe in miracles and dreams. The idea of taking the time to set an intention for your self will always carry a powerful message into the universe. And reflection and reconciliation lead to freedom.

When beginning a physical asana practice there will always be a point of resistance that can be viewed as an area of exploration. Your practice is unique every day because this instance is all you have and the practice that was there for you yesterday may or may not suffice.

Whether you get on your mat to practice yoga for a few minutes or decide on a full-blown two-hour practice, mindfully meditate or come home to Balasana (child pose), know that you are giving what you can at the moment and that counts for something.  Give yourself time when you can, be your hero, reach into your soul to soften your heart, harvest your land and start again.  Allow your yoga practice to infuse the art of letting go of what you no longer need on an emotional, physical or intellectual level and begin anew, start again, investigate your needs, embark on a meaningful journey, initiate bright concepts and create the life you love, every day.  It will be okay.


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