Make It Personal

Making life personal is what colors our world, awakens spirit, and brings us home.

In the typical day of hustle bustle, the idea of personal connection may at times dissipate.  Most humans have the need to connect with others, but have difficulty due to various elements including identity, culture, persona, fear, language, timing… the list is endless.  The distinctive instant of making a moment personal will generate a series of emotions that can fluctuate on the scale of positively fabulous or sadly disheartening.  The middle ground may be where most land.

In this lifetime, I have experienced individuals who have no desire to connect on a personal level in great length due to their own priorities (which I respect), but wonder when they will notice the lack of intimacy in their lives.   I am also blessed to be surrounded by many personal, rich, and life-altering alliances that allow my growth as an individual on this planet we call earth.

It can sometimes be a lot for others around to understand the relevance of these links.  My nine-year -ld and I were out and about one day doing errands in between activities when we landed at the post office to mail a package.  We endured our long visit by discussing why we needed to repackage and what else could be added to put a smile on the receiver’s face.  When it was our turn, our visit was extended by an additional three minutes due to an inquiry of the commemorative stamps by yours truly.  That moment lead to another three-minute exchange in which my child wondered enough to continue the conversation as we exited the post office.

My curious and considerate daughter asked me why it was that I had to make a personal connection with everyone I came across.  (Apparently, she has observed my actions for a while now.)  As I reflected, my response included the importance of acknowledging the simple gesture of connection because living is personal and choosing to live mindfully and with integrity is personal.  We discussed the importance of noticing life on a deeper level than just a list for the day.  Making life personal feels like a chore to many of us because of the busyness and scurry of our societal pressures, obsession with technology, and lack of slow-brewing life.  Everything does not need to be a personal moment for everyone, but acknowledging what those personal moments might give you and the other person may just be what world needs.

The moment you land on your mat you will notice almost immediately the personal connection to self that you receive.  Being in your physical practice allows more presence in your body, and the ultimate relation of body and mind.  When we know our bodies, we tend to have a better relationship with those around us, we tend to know our personal space, which is why making a moment personal is desirable.

Making life personal is what colors our world, awakens spirit, and brings us home.  Whether you get on your mat for an asana practice, take a hike on a trail, run to your heart’s content, Salsa dance, form a “Soul Train Line”, play a concerto, or participate in whatever activity that gives you personal connection, you are practicing your yoga– your union with yourself.  That will, in turn, serve you the presence of making life personal with others.


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