Where would we be without dreams? I pose this question in all seriousness moved by a spiritual leader & inspirational mentor Martin Luther King Jr. who would have celebrated his 83rd birthday on this day. We commemorate the work of this non-violent warrior, who in times of intense political warfare in the areas of race and equality had the courage, passion, conviction and valor to speak truth within hostility, opposition and inhumanity.   Does it seem right that because of this he lost his life?

Imagine leading our nation for freedom, a symbolic and powerful move towards erasing regulated bigotry.  This culture of the 60s holds such a special place historically, creating shift, acknowledging injustice, stimulating conversation, instilling hope and believing that we can overcome oppression, poverty and inequity.

What is troubling is that this journey of uniting and making change is ignored by so many; some of us are so wrapped up in our own world we do not even care. Is there not enough in this world to come together?  This question still reigns for many of us, because there has to be a way to connect on every level of humanity and figure out how we can be there for one another especially in difficult periods of life.

In modeling behavior for our children and young people today we must realize that we can do things differently and take our own personal step towards freedom and out of fear. One person can lead the change but like many other dreams it takes a village of support, harmony and synergy.  Like an artist has its medium, a dancer has its rhythm and a musician has its instrument, the arts in themselves to this day seem to be the most transcending and visionary tools of expressing societal challenges.

On Monday January 16th at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts, an organization near and dear to me will be performing as part of a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr’s life.  Cambridge Youth Dance Program (CYDP) will be performing as part of the events that day.  CYDP is a prime example of one person, a gifted dancer, passionate choreographer and dynamic teacher that came from humble means; Deborah Mason, Founder & Artistic Director perpetuates a dream of availing dance to a vast range of young people from all walks of life and bringing them together to teach history, tradition & technique in an arena where children learn about one another and see how no matter where we come from we can all share in a dream of dancing through life, living and giving back, together.

When I feel the weight of the world and all its imperfections, my mat is the first place I think of and eventually land on.  The practice of yoga is so powerful in shifting thought, creating freedom and empowering people from wherever they come from.  The issue is the availability and awareness.  The element of your practice being intimate with you is the amazing energy that can be found within and the love and compassion that is necessary to notice what you need and what the world may need from you.


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