In good and in bad times, friends are often the adhesives to our emotional well-being.  Who do you consider a true friend? Is there someone you want to reach out to that has been a friend but time for further connection is limited? Are you and your kindergarten best friend still talking every week or is your latest bff the person you met at the coffee shop? (effortless inspiration) In friendship there are variables, but in true friendship there is accountability.

We all have friends and acquaintances, colleagues and contacts, facebook friends, links and followers, but those very special people that you connect with on a cellular level, that understand you without you needing to use many words to express your dismay, (non verbal communication) the ones that can truly share in your bliss and support you when you have been at the brink of losing it.  Our friends are always there for us, a phone call a way, a quick stroll or drive, a coffee or cocktail. These very special characters are also moving around us at times we least expect it and appear radiantly as a sign to let us know that they are there for us.

Friends are there to help us carry ourselves when we feel that we are at the end of our rope.  If we hurt they see the pain, when we feel alone they bring us back.  Our closest friends are sometimes a reflection of ourselves.  In breaking down walls of fear, running away from ourselves and identifying the why, our friends are there to give us the energy to lift us, maybe a hug or smile will do it today, and if it doesn’t they will understand, because that’s what friends are for.

Yoga practice can be this friend; yoga (union with self) allows you to be there for yourself on a cellular level.  I love my friends dearly, but there are times when each of us must take responsibility for ourselves in situations that are troublesome and non-forgiving (forgiveness) because our friends will bring us to the reality much sooner if we are truly listening.

Each time you practice you become closer to your inner being, you practice compassion, patience, communication, discipline, acceptance and love.  All signs of an amazing friendship!  Your asana practice will deliver tools that will give you more freedom in deciding what it is that you want from this lifetime.  These qualities are then transferable for your friend who refuses to practice yoga.  In essence, our practice serves each of us in order to serve our friends. Which is something we all want to do, just be sure you identify the friends that are feeding your spirit and not demolishing your soul.

The qualities of friendship and your practice go hand in hand.  It is beautiful to share in a relationship that brings out the best and worst in us, a true friend will do this as will a consistent practice.  Be there for yourself; be there for a friend; the returns are remarkable. Keep smiling, keep shining!


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