Let go, let love

We often wonder, each and every one of us, which is better, to be with someone or to be alone; but, that is the question. Now, reality will have us thinking that we need to be part of a duo, but in our hearts, the only way a duo will work is if we are able to be a solo…ironic no?  We long to be with someone, yet we yearn for independence, this is the way it goes.

When in love, we will strive at great lengths to sustain and nurture that feeling, but is it the feeling we love, or are we actually in love with the physical, emotional, psychological and cellular being of this other person that makes the duo quality?

Like rice and beans, bread and butter, café con leche or any other happy pair, it needs to fit, sometimes with out words, sometimes without action and when there is trust, understanding and acceptance the fit is like a glove, translucent to those around you.   Mind you, the opposite is also the case, and transparency is tricky when you are respected and loved in your community, by peers and fans.

We lost Whitney Houston last night, one of the brightest female vocalists of my era, ranging in octaves with a depth that was brilliant, emotive and superior to most in her time. As fans of this mega star we saw all the phases in her life, following her highs and lows and scrutinizing the very personal challenges she faced.  Unsurpassed, Whitney was amazing, performing from her heart in truth and love, songs like Didn’t we Almost Have it All, The Greatest Love of All and I Have Nothing.  In times of struggle Whitney endured her personal challenges along with all the judgment passed by the public.  I do feel strongly that what we will remember is her magnificence. The aficionado that I am allows for me to remember this diva at her best, because even at her worst, I appreciate her candor and courage to face her fears in front of all of us.  Songs like My Love is your Love, Miracle, Exhale, & Where do Broken Hearts Go were all written for Whitney who performed them with every part of herself, delivering all of her energy into every song that showered us with love and expression.

In our asana practice, we practice inhaling & exhaling, consciously.  In our breathing we connect to a deeper part of ourselves as a way to feel more connected within.  We acknowledge our breath, which gives us more connection to the body, which communicates clearly with us if we allow it.

The art of letting go, and letting love transform may be attributed at times to songs that stir us.  The art of practicing each day, gives a deeper relationship with self, which will also shift aspects of ourselves.  This concept of listening to ourselves, and loving ourselves in a nurturing, positive and instrumental way is  knowing that we are able to let go, let love, accept and yes…exhale.


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