Entering the uncomfort zone

What is your level of tolerance for discomfort?  Do you know? Or do you ignore the signs and live with it everyday without recognizing it?  Is it out of habit?  Many people live in pain when they can step outside of it, while some think that suffering is the only way to live because it makes others happy.  Or does it?  We become comfortable in situations that do not deliver full potential or daily joy.  Sometimes we stay in these circumstances for a lifetime.  Sometimes we think it is the only way to survive because we refuse to live outside of our comfort zone.

In realizing that we have choices in everything we do, we are moved to a place where anything is possible.  This is the ideal situation.  But how do you get there?  Bit by bit or full throttle depends on your personality type.  What concerns me is that people worry that if they change the circumstances, they fear that their entire world will fall apart.  But that is life; changing it up, mixing it up, going upside down and figuring it all out again.  Each time this happens you get a little closer to who you really are, but why are we hesitant?  Why is the resistance dwelling within us so strong when one active change can make a difference in our quality of life?

In love, and even in friendship, our devotion to others, at times, becomes a requirement. We forget that love is a gift and not an obligation.  And in order for love to exist, that feeling should be felt within.  When we resist this, we defy who we are and what we want.  So think about what it is that you want, not based on others, but on your own merit, your own self-identification and self-worth.

In yoga, a metaphor for life, there are times when we need to go into uncomfortable poses in order to explore our potential or abilities.  We are encouraged to hold postures or try different ones and they may be uncomfortable, there are times when we need to visit discomfort in order to heal or let go.  The more we combat the more difficult it becomes. When we hang on to things that do not serve us, we realize there is no use in holding on when nothing stays the same.

In this world, it is necessary to discover a yoga practice that works for you, however, the level of discomfort varies for all.  In union with self, we identify what works for each one of us, whether it is on the mat or in a relationship, amongst friends, family or colleagues.  In order to transform or get out of current discomfort, we may need to explore a place that is unfamiliar in order for growth, happiness and freedom to prevail.


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  1. Yamyah
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 09:08:58

    good post, Bea. Knowing the map of our very own heart and acting on it is the key to our happinness and sometimes huge changes are required. Transformations are healthy 🙂


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