Receive, restore

One of the greatest gifts we have is receiving, why is it at times difficult to receive compliments, gestures or kindness from others?  When you arrive at the place where you are able to accept words that make your day, acknowledge acts that open your heart and experience once in lifetime moments, an untouchable force will allow you to live each day fuller, to heal, to love and to remember self.

We go around giving ourselves to others, sharing our gifts, thinking we are insignificant due to the negativity surrounding us or believing that someone has the answer to how we feel.   We look for the light at the end of the tunnel and midway it may be there for us yet we barely acknowledge it right beneath our senses.  Learning to love ourselves is the principal gift of receiving ourselves for who we are and what we represent.

If you are a kind loving person, and operate with an open heart, that is okay; it is not unusual or wrong. In fact, it is, amazing, extraordinary, exceptional and remarkable, because, it is who you are. Embrace every inch of it and you will shine all over.  On the opposite end, maybe you are a miser; angry and miserable about the cards you have been dealt, outgrowing the theme or having the courage to step outside of that is an opportunity in life to grow, love and live freely, the choice is yours. Even when you are shackled to gloom, know that it may take work to out source the obscurity, but it is possible to shift your voyage if you want to land on new terrain.

In our physical practice of asana we will receive from numerous postures and in your own practice you will experience the challenges together with the benefits.  In life, we must be challenged, in order to grow and to learn about love and acceptance, about individuals and situations in our lives, but really, if you are fortunate enough to learn about yourself that is an ultimate gift.  Savasana will enhance your life if you allow it.

Reflection is a powerful tool if we take the time for it in life.  It may be that you have or make time every day for meditation or go inward to decipher your needs.  It may also mean that you need to remove yourself from a specific situation in order to truly see what is happening in your existence.

As practioners of yoga, we are constant learners; one of the most universal themes in practicing is taking time for rest.  Rest heals on every level, particularly when we are constantly being pushed to our limits.  Receiving the rest is key, it is a gift and at times, we may not feel able to accept going within, but just shear compassion for self will allow for savasana to do the work, receive without judgment, receive without guilt, simply receive.  Let it be enough.


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