Blossoming moments…

As the sun shone upon me today with vibrant rays of energy, I took the opportunity to indulge with Mother Nature, one of my favorite relationships on earth.  Days like today allow for me to give gratitude for all of my blessings.  In the midst of this crazy life we lead, or so it appears, making time for gratitude is essential, for me or anyone else that understands the power of receiving.  While walking I discover a leaf, which leads me to moments in which my children were drawn to pick up every twig, rock, shell or any particle in our path.  I will frequently share with them how magical these moments were for me, watching them discover and hold on to stones or branches for days.  It is essential to experience wonder and my heart goes out for those who have lost their sense of wonderment, either through lack of self expression, or because it was robbed from their core.

I feel forever grateful for moments which for many may seem irrelevant or frivolous and it reminds me of one particular day when after an early morning yoga class, my friend sees me at the cross -walk and brings his car to a halt right off the expressway, double parks simply to say hello because our families have not seen each other in an exaggerated amount of time.  Forever that story is in my life, I felt as blessed then as I do now for the simple sense of courtesy, kindness and friendship that transpires among certain souls in our lives.  I cannot explain the feeling completely in words, but right on a main street near a busy intersection, the same occurrence takes place several years later, with another free spirit that holds up traffic to get out of the car, hug me and make several gestures about our culture, knowing the importance of experiencing life and appreciating each other in the moment.  Dynamic sentiment occurs when one of my closest friends is slightly concerned she has not heard from me in a while, so she shows up at my house just to be sure I have not migrated to another continent.

It seems to me that the power of relationships in our lives are quite important to our stability and mental health.  Keeping that in mind, it is also important to know when a relationship is causing despair, anguish and hopelessness.  It may take a lifetime for some of us to figure out who is there for us and who is not.  My sense is that we learn our own self -worth in the process in order to rid ourselves of the poisonous snakes in our blooming garden.  Like the blossoming of relationships, or budding flowers, it is really important to take inventory of your own seeds and plant in fertile and healthy patches.  Our flourishing emotion can sometimes feel like we are thriving when in essence we hope that others are burgeoning to meet our needs.  We clearly must remember ourselves, our roots and our hearts so that we are lucid in the melding with others in a soulful, lavishing and compatible way.  The source of growth in gardens or relationships is the fine-tuning, the nurturing, the compassion and the genuine love…or just a green thumb.

Reaching a comfort zone in your practice will allow for growth, but only if you attune and assess where you are from time to time.  Foundational poses are such a great base to practice for all of us, but when you are ready to explore with asana practice that you once were skeptical of or simply apprehensive about, it may be a way for you to nurture your own practice and cultivate some new ground.  I encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with in your practice, but know the difference within yourself when it is time to consider a change in your practice that will bring you an abundance of blooms.

The concept of self-encouragement goes a long way on your mat and in your life.  At times we feel bombarded and controlled by the suggestions of others and our mat permits us the freedom of exploring our land, tilling our soil and replanting or starting a fresh patch of berries where you thought would never thrive and then one day they do.  This will be the product of your yoga practice as soon as you begin, blossoms everywhere.

Sending fresh radiant energy all around with some love and kindness to cherish your garden. Take good care of yourselves and those you love.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yamyah
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 10:08:13

    thank you for this reminder, Bea. Love ~ ~


  2. Pragmatic Mom
    Mar 20, 2012 @ 00:00:07

    I like your analogy of a garden of friendships. I think of it that way too. Once my garden was overgrown with a single morning glory, pretty but only when the sun shines. I ripped it out and first my garden seemed barren when the seeds were first planted. Now my garden is lush with lots of gorgeous flowers that bloom year round. Toxic friends or frenemies can be line that morning glory. Sometimes the garden needs to be ruthlessly weeded in order to make it beautiful.


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