Oxygen Warrior

Have you ever felt like life is squeezing your lungs so tight that it feels challenging to breathe?  Or maybe the injury you have suffered from for decades occasionally pops back into your life to remind you to take it easy.  How about the scent that milk leaves when you leave it heating up on the stove and spills over while you wonder how you let that happen when you thought you were being so vigilant?  What about the annoying bug bite that feels like you need to scratch it constantly?

Maybe there are more symbolic experiences that you call to mind, like your days as a freedom fighter for your country where you risked your life each day for the autonomy of others.  Is it possible that you were bullied and verbally abused  as a child that you in turn decide that the only way to represent yourself and your unsportsmanlike conduct is by repeating history  because breaking patterns are too challenging?  Maybe you have been involved with the wrong crowd and made choices that did not feel right to you but went with it anyway just to feel as though you belonged or maybe it was because you wanted to take care of others in this way.

Whatever the case may be, we all go through moments in our lives that will leave a scar or painful recollection, not like a fixable mixed drink you ordered that does not taste  right, or the dent on your car that is plainly repaired, or a tousle on the football field but more like the constant and repeated behavior that makes you wonder how can I change this in my life?  (If you are fortunate enough to be that aligned with yourself). The trauma of these events is powerful depending on your level of sensitivity or warrior like mentality.

Sometimes the force that you thought you could be in someone’s life simply becomes the reason you arrived, but the courage to step outside of yourself comes from a deeper connection.  A strength that will carry you to the next phase in your life.  The warriors I have crossed paths with in this lifetime make me so proud to know them.  They set the bar to a standard that is emotion driven and life enhancing to those around them.  Sue Jones, founder of  yogahope is one of many warriors I have encountered doing meaningful work in community and around the planet by creating programs that will enhance the lives of individuals that need the support and have little or no resources to accommodate instant change.  The work is precious, invaluable and life changing.

The warriors who decide to accept or continue to maintain the peace beyond all measure, I have genuine empathy, compassion, and respect for.  All of us have been on the dark side of ourselves and believed that we could not get through a moment… or at least if you are a living breathing entity you have been.  We all make mistakes, we all feel badly about those instances of weakness or poor judgment, but we are living life and we learn from the decisions that we make, not making decisions is what at times will put us in an imbalanced predicament or going against our own will for the sake of making another spirit happy will also make you oxygen worthy.

Feel the capacity of your inner warrior through your asana practice even in what feels like powerless moments.  Experiencing the foundation you have as you move around the world makes for a relevant expression, arriving on your mat gives us the opportunity to lay the groundwork for deeper connection and breath awareness to determine how you are doing.  Find the courage inside of yourself, practice self love and self forgiveness.  Feel your breath, feel your warrior and when the world has a tight hold on you remember there is an oxygen warrior within you.


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