Healing Agents

As time passes in our lives we realize the importance of growing, learning, forgiveness, loving and connection.  Many of these experiences come to fruition after healing occurs, it is when we begin to accept ourselves and the life we are living that we realize therapeutic healing is necessary in order to move on, in order to make amends and to forgive while we bond to whom or what we really need.  Hopefully what we learn is that we need to depend on ourselves in order to create healthy relationships and not expect that someone else is responsible for that indispensable element.  At times, this requires a healing agent or un curandero/curandera.

When we are healing we associate situations, instances, events and memories to the painful experience or what many educators, yogis or healers label as a teachable moment.  Our society has convinced the general population that if we feel sick there is an instant solution, like a medication or prescription; and if the first one does not work maybe another one will.  Our bodies are made to heal from the inside out and have the power to self heal.  Why do we feel the need to overmedicate and lose consciousness in living life?

Now by no means am I anti medicine if there is a real need but at the rate we prescribe pharmaceuticals and create codependency I become worried as one individual who feels that maybe, just maybe, that through prevention of certain actions or elimination of certain situations and improvement of nutrition combined with legitimate self care there is a way to heal that is promoted from within each being.  Now, everyone is not equipped to do this, but shouldn’t we at least motivate and empower and refrain from creating a habit or debilitate folks when they are already suffering internally ?

We live in such a way that promotes unhealthiness; we want to move at lightning speed, without much thoughtfulness for others, so why would we think about ourselves?  This behavior is then transferred to how and what we consume and then to our children in the same manner so that they are rushing through life instead of enjoying the innocence of childhood. The gift of mindfulness, ahhhh, the concept of really smelling the roses, or the aroma of the wine you sampled, dancing to express your feelings, maybe the sound of your favorite pianist comforts you or the idea of basking in the sunshine as a way of self-healing.  Sing a simple melody or resonate a spiritual chant and allow these simple acts to diffuse your being. Awakening the senses, visualize a moment of contentment, enjoy healing touch, tantalize in savory flavors, feel someone else’s joy or pain by listening and take it in, letting them know you are present and with them, connected.

I try to see my healer as often as life allows, but there are times when life consumes us with responsibility and we cannot be with those that bring us serenity, the energy we receive from these spirits brings us home, gives us a sense of peace and allows us to know everything will be alright.  We look forward to the time when we can spend together, but then there is the moment of truth when they are unavailable or also in the midst of healing, that instant  is an opportunity of giving back.

My favorite aspect of healers is the idea that you can just arrive in their presence and the healing begins.  What I adore about visiting a healer is that the best visits are unannounced, not planned but simply a spontaneous and relevant share. Like when I visit mi abuela, one of the handful of places that I can just arrive at any time in my life and never be told that I should have forewarned her of my visit, it is like when I was chiquita and just popped in and there she was, there, available for me.

Life has changed, relationships have changed and the sense of grounded-ness has also changed but these healing forces carry their energy in a way that is felt for those who are truly wired this way and although many of us may think this concept is unusual, I promise you that many more truly believe in the mysticism of healers whether they be friend or family member the way they bring ease into our lives make us whole again, because sometimes, even the strongest people we know, have a moment, when they need healing and even though searching within self is top on the list, at times, our healers give us just what we need in order to reach within.  At times it is physical presence or maybe just the sound of their voice that leads us to our very next breath when life is squeezing tight, whatever it is I feel grateful for the healers in my life, they may not know who they are when it happens but blessings are theirs through infinity and beyond. And for those of you who know who you are, thank you for being my healer in the name of love. I believe in you.

Yoga practice has healing affect on practitioners. As we move from one asana to the next we notice the curing nature of the movement.  As we land in stillness we gain the opportunity of reflection.  Mindfully assessing the practice or simply letting go to allow curative, medicinal and healing energy enter your heart & soul.  Work on the inside so you can feel better on the outside.

Note: If you find yourself unable to be with a healer of choice, walking near water or listening to music may help; surrounding yourself with heartfelt love, healing plants, malas, more love, comforting scents, healing touch, healing words, healing silence, or healing soups may just be the prescription that works. Just a little loving energy goes a long way. Take good care of yourself.


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