Hangover honey…

My beehive has been fully pollinating as of late and the honeycomb was in full effect recently; transitions of all sorts, adjustments and the hustle of life for this analog girl in a digital world pushed me to my outer limits.  Yes, spring has sprung and the busyness factor can be overwhelming to say the least, but let’s put it in perspective.  We go against our natural energy to complete these tasks, responsibilities, some of which may be a vision or goal. So rock on, take it to the limit!  By now, if you have read along, you must realize my idea of slowing us down some lives, because many times, certainly, you might ask yourself, what is the purpose of this rush, is it the hangover part we are striving for?  Hmmmm … or shall I just buzz around.

Some hangovers can be inconvenient and just plain uncomfortable, but the kind of hangover I am referring to, brings some relief.  I mean we work towards an objective of completion, choreographing our steps and tasks in order to experience that one moment we have worked towards, flashing in front of us and poof away it goes.  You see, every moment is new, and once we finish we begin again.   Maybe the rush of planning a grand event, a full schedule for weeks on end without hopes of rest, or your work is just filling up all of your time but somebody has to do it and naturally, you are the only one that can, or are you?  What about family time or self-care, when do you make that a priority?

Love hangovers, cocktail hangovers, mountain climbing hangovers, cleaning hangovers, sunshine hangovers, shopping hangovers, busy season hangovers, vacation hangovers (the list is endless), all have a different result.  Yet all may identify.   Love, leaves a harmonious kind of hangover; cocktails, may leave you a little nausea and discomfort if you overdo it; mountain climbing sends you on a rush on your journey to the top; cleaning has a perplexed effect of accomplishment, yet you know the cycle begins instantaneously; busy seasons, come to an end and if you are lucky there is something new about the one that just passed. The sun radiates a light energy that can change our mood, what is not intoxicating about that?  Shopping will ignite you or deflate you depending on the selection, either way the adrenaline is transferred to you. Alas, the vacation hangover, is an interesting mode, folks come back rested but still feeling the aftermath of the return from a luxe time to real live living.

In yoga, being present for self on your mat, breathing, and moving from one asana to another in a period of 1-2hrs brings on this sense of yoga hangover, yoga high, yoga buzz, etc. The yogis out there know exactly what I am talking about, that being said if you are truly in the presence of your practice you will notice the immediate effect of shift, glow, awareness and sense of contentment that may initially have a very soothing upshot.   In other words, keep your beekeeper attitude and produce your honey and then enjoy the sweetest hangover.

Sending love and honey from my honeycomb to yours.


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