Be true, be you

Have you ever exchanged conversation with someone who is deceiving you straight from the core?  Do you trust? Fall for it? Or are you the skeptic?  Whichever way it rolls, once this cycle starts, it is difficult to break.  If the subject at hand is one serious in nature, to you and involves someone who simply refuses to discuss or exchange any relevant details, I encourage you to assess the affinity around the relationship.

You see, unless there is that special bond, connection, heartfelt attachment then you should run for the hills, or at least to your mat! In finding a friend or love with a special vigor or life force where there is unspoken understanding consider yourself fortunate. So many people we know stay completely stuck in situations that cause them heartache and misery due to obligation, as my sister repeats to me regularly, obligation breeds resentment.

The feeling of entrapment can feel isolating, enfeebling and destructive.  It takes courage, from deep within to create a change that is strengthening, perpetual and empowering. The safeguard can last if only for a moment.  Honestly, it takes heart, to step up to the plate, to stand up for yourself and others; it takes a spirit of valor to speak truth.  So why are we so fearful to show support, or be honest about the way we feel, why do we sometimes choose to create a scenario simply to shield or take cover.  Is it to prevent an argument? Maybe a war? Or is it what we really feel? And are these feelings significant?

Around negativity seems to be all these incidents of hurt and pain, on the flip side, when you see the light, the positive side, you can begin to peel away the layers of disdain, sorrowfulness and toxicity. Sadly, we all know a being, a spirit or situation that is unable to shift, whatever the reason, be it life history, experience or bitterness.  We cannot always persuade these beings

On your mat you will find the freedom and candor in your physicality almost immediately amidst your asana practice.  The pose you choose will either speak to you or will move you on to the one that does.  In the emphasis of finding some favorite poses that address your needs and help personalize the experience, be exploratory.  Be open as well, because whichever pose you adore may not be available to you in another instance and so it is always good to approach your practice with a variety of postures that will unlock the truth.


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  1. Katy A
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:55:51

    And where are you teaching?/ Yoga that is?


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