The Jeweler’s Daughter

There once was a newcomer that needed to make a living and provide for his family, his culture as do many dictate this responsibility to the male.  The jeweler began waiting tables in an Asian restaurant back in the 1960s making ends meet for his young family while exploring creative ways to sustain in a new land.  Later on moving to another part of the promise land and working in assembly lines while availing himself into small business opportunities due to diligence and determination beginning as a door-to-door jeweler  on his journey to La Llave de Oro.

Back then, family businesses held strong and were supported by the time that each member was able to give, many times working late in order to create a more amenable life for his wife and children, parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.  This did not always take in the fashion of monetary compensation, however, that was the goal.  The jewelers daughter, remembers, Abuela designing and creating display units for window décor as well as for the actual jewels.  The spouse and children of the jeweler all spent plenty of time working at The Gold Key and the jeweler was inspired by his destiny of success at this moment in time after landing in the northeast region of the country with very little externally, but lots of soul internally.  The strategy for sustenance was defined by commitment, passion and exaltation

The jeweler became a successful business owner and community leader, creating various pathways for others that wanted to follow in his footsteps; continuing on after The Gold Key grew into five level Gift Shop, Housewares and Department Store.  The store, la tienda had its lifespan and the jeweler continued to grow while exploring new areas of interest to him.

As time passed the jeweler reminisced with his daughter of his short lived career in journalism on la Perla de las Antillas, a career he wished he had developed further, fortunately he stayed involved and in touch with other journalists of his era.  The writing of his preference was to unfold the truth around areas of politics, integrity and real life happenings.

The jeweler’s daughter found her precious, lustrous and malleable key in asana practice. Every time a new door opens it is a consistent key that appears, one of reverence, acceptance and love, which are simply words, unless given meaning. The mat allows one to revisit a familiar place and then let go.  As you bejewel yourself with love, compassion and self-devotion, you too will experience an openness, warmth and flexibility that will give you infinite freedom.


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