Leave of absence

There are times in life when one just shuts down, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Whatever the reason, those close to your spirit seem to understand since they too have gone through cycles that are reflective, intuitive, healing, empowering and essential. During these times it is best to just be mindful and take one day at a time and not make numerous pending decisions that you think will create instantaneous relief.

When in the midst of change, challenge or chaos, it is wise to step away, yet most of us go full force into it thinking that there is always something to do.  Some times if you reflect within, you will notice that the best thing to do is ….nil.  When we embrace that less is more, we reap the benefit of simplifying our livesWhen we feel instead of think, we are apt to condition ourselves to a healthful outlook.  Try getting out of your head and into your heart, if only for a trial.  See what happens.

What is it about letting go that instills fear?  Or about change that makes us afraid?  As a matter of fact, life is different everyday, so why to do we insist on keeping the same routine day in and day out?  We should realize that incorporating even one modification to our lives can be transformative. There is relevance to the importance of acknowledging that everything does not need to happen at once; in fact, that is what may create instability in certain circumstances. When we try to accomplish more than we can take on, we collide with the life force that sustains us, the force of the universe.

The beauty of a yoga practice is taking it as it comes to you, whether you are a beginner — and in yoga, most practitioners begin everyday — or as a seasoned mentor, you tend to feel the intelligence of the body and where that may lead.  Asana practice allows one to condition the body on a physical level but also feeds the emotional and mental entities of the being.

Yoga teaches many philosophies which are fine principles for leading life in a thoughtful yet spontaneous form. Sometimes we need to take a leave of absence from our current situation, a sabbatical if you may, to experience freedom which is the intention of any desired goal to feel free, to feel alive and to accept self in order to accept what we are presented with each and every day. Ideally, what we create in this autonomy is a loving, enriching, insight that will serve us each moment and beyond.


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