Hola Yoga!!!!

Hola Yoga has been created as a vehicle to promote individual practice and encourage students that no matter where you are from, what you consider yourself to be, what shape your body is, or if you are simply hesitant in giving yoga practice consideration, please know that yoga is accessible to all of us if we allow it.

Yoga traditions are varied, but the bottom line is that we find the time to look within in our hectic lives and reflect as we let go of the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions.  Yes, the physical practice is phenomenal whether you practice one asana (pose) or numerous, but the connection within benefits us all on a cellular level.

I say this because of continued stereotypes that will exist through infinity and beyond. This applies to the physical practice because feeling like you need to compromise your physical self in order to practice is silly.  By definition, yoga means union with self.  In other words it is time we say Hello or Hola to ourselves and take a good look internally, conditionally work from the inside out.

If each of us began to spend time getting to know ourselves, the universe would propel forward in a radiant fashion.  That being said, Hola Yoga as a lifestyle is welcoming, accessible, supportive and loving.

Begin your practice when you are ready with someone you like or maybe someone you do not and give it some time and then notice how you might apply the principle of this ancient tradition in areas of your life, then feel, acknowledge and process. Your practice is a gift, open it!


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  1. Carl at FSJ
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 15:18:43


    My name is Carl and I am a fifty something, cowboy, oil field worker who two months ago would not have imagined that I would be practicing yoga. However approx. 6 months ago I injured my back and all typically treatments did not appear to be working. One of wife’s friend had a similar problem and she started taking yoga and it appeared to work for her.

    After several months delay and many pain pills later I signed up for a beginner yoga class in my community and knew by the first night it was going to work. After one month my pain had decreased so I was taking less than one third of medications as previously and and my mobility had increased several times.

    I can not say how this will impact my “spiritual side” however I now have a better understanding of the practitioners of yoga.


    • yogamas
      Oct 17, 2011 @ 19:46:25

      Thanks for your comment. I am thrilled that you discovered yoga as a healing technique. The best news is decreasing medication and being open to mindful movement. Yoga means union with self and physically is a powerful form shifting energy. Many practitioners first experience the physical benefits which may also bring some inner awareness. Best to you on and off your mat.


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